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Pennsylvania Belviq Lawsuit Attorney

Many Americans struggle with losing weight through diet and exercise alone. In these situations, doctors often prescribe weight loss medications. However, studies suggest that one popular drug, Belviq, increases the risk of certain cancers among its patients.

If you used to take Belviq or its once-a-day formula, Belviq XR, you may be eligible for financial compensation through a lawsuit in Pennsylvania court. Shapiro Legal Group, PLLC is here to advocate aggressively for your right to a fair settlement. Contact our Pennsylvania belviq lawsuit attorney for a free consultation.

How Our Attorney Can Help

  • With over 20 years of experience handling defective drug litigation across the country, our firm has the skills and knowledge necessary to guide you through the mass tort process.
  • We represent clients nationwide in their Belviq recall lawsuits. Location is not a barrier to justice, and we partner with leading local firms to provide the best possible representation.
  • Our firm has cultivated a wide network of resources and expert witnesses, which we will use to craft a compelling case in your favor.

Pennsylvania Belviq Lawsuit Attorney

What Happened to Belviq?

After the FDA initially approved Belviq and Belviq XR, the agency asked the drugs’ manufacturer to complete a longitudinal study on cardiovascular side effects. Many weight loss medications have heart-related impacts, so this request was not unusual.

The resulting study did not reveal any cardiovascular risks. However, the data did show that 7.7% of Belviq patients developed cancer over the study period, a higher amount than the 7.1% of placebo patients who received a cancer diagnosis. The FDA asked Belviq’s manufacturers to recall the medication, and the company voluntarily complied in February 2020.

Proving a Belviq Lawsuit in Pennsylvania

If you developed colorectal, pancreatic, or lung cancer within seven years of Belviq use, you may be eligible for financial compensation. To collect a settlement, you will need to file and prove your claim in Pennsylvania civil court.

Other lawsuits, such as personal injury claims, require a plaintiff to prove that the defendant acted in negligence at the time of the accident or adverse event. For product liability claims involving defective drugs, proving negligence is not necessary. Instead, you will need to prove the product was unsafe in some way.

To prove a Belviq lawsuit, you and your attorney must establish the following facts.

  • You developed pancreatic, colorectal, or lung cancer.
  • Belviq or Belviq XR was defective or lacked adequate warnings.
  • Belviq or Belviq XR defects or lack of adequate warnings directly caused your cancer.

Lawsuits against Belviq are still in their early stages, and proving these elements will require knowledgeable medical experts, experience working with defective drug claims, and the ability to negotiate with corporate legal teams in the courtroom. Hiring an attorney currently working on Belviq litigation in Pennsylvania is a necessary step.

Shapiro Legal Group, PLLC is working closely with experts examining how Belviq may raise patients’ risk for cancer, and will use our resources and connections to craft a compelling case in your favor.

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If you are struggling with the aftermath of Belviq use, you are not alone. Many former patients are filing lawsuits against the manufacturers of this drug due to their cancer diagnoses, and Shapiro Legal Group, PLLC can help you file your claim.With decades of experience in defective drug claims and mass tort litigation, our firm has the resources you need to recover optimal compensation. Contact Shapiro Legal Group, PLLC to schedule your free consultation.