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New Jersey Belviq Lawsuit Attorney

Dangerous and defective drugs can cause serious damage to patients, from worsening health conditions to the development of a new illness. In particular, data from a post-approval study shows that the weight loss medications Belviq and Belviq XR may heighten the risk of certain cancers.

If you are a New Jersey Belviq patient living with colorectal, pancreatic, or lung cancer, legal help is available. The attorneys at Shapiro Legal Group will work with you to secure the compensation you need to recover.

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  • Shapiro Legal Group, PLLC provides nationwide representation to injured Belviq patients nationwide, partnering with top firms in your area to provide comprehensive counsel.
  • Our lawyers are committed to your recovery, and we will not hesitate to bring your case to trial to pursue maximum possible compensation.
  • Our 20 years of experience allowed our attorneys to develop valuable connections with medical expert witnesses, providing us with the resources to build a strong case for your compensation.

What Cancers Can Belviq Cause?

After approving Belviq, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) asked the manufacturers, Eisai Inc., to conduct a study on the drug’s cardiovascular side effects. While this study did not reveal any heart-related harm, the results showed that cancer risk was higher among Belviq patients than the control group.

In particular, patients who took Belviq had a higher risk of developing pancreatic, colorectal, and lung cancers. Symptoms of the individual cancers vary, but many result in weight loss, loss of appetite, weakness, and fatigue. Specific symptoms include the following.

  • Lung cancer symptoms include chest pain, blood in the spit or phlegm, hoarseness, and a persistent, worsening cough.
  • Colorectal cancer symptoms include a change in bowel habits, rectal bleeding or blood in the stool, and abdominal discomfort.
  • Pancreatic cancer symptoms include jaundice, pain in the stomach or back, nausea, blood clots, and darkened urine.

To treat these cancers, you may need to undergo surgery, attend chemotherapy sessions, and take multiple medications, along with side effect treatment and alleviation. Cancer care can easily total thousands of dollars, and health insurance may not cover all of these costs. Filing a New Jersey Belviq lawsuit can help you pay for this necessary treatment.

New Jersey Belviq Lawsuit

How Long Do You Have to File a Belviq Lawsuit?

In New Jersey, all civil lawsuits must adhere to the statute of limitations. This rule states that you have two years from the date that you developed cancer after taking Belviq or Belviq XR to file your lawsuit. If you do not file within this deadline, the court will dismiss your claim.

It is very likely that you will not discover the cancer until a much later date. Under these circumstances, New Jersey applies the discovery rule to extend your filing deadline. Instead of basing your deadline on the day you developed cancer, the state will allow you to file your lawsuit within two years of receiving your cancer diagnosis.

Contact a New Jersey Belviq Attorney

No one should suffer because of a drug manufacturer’s negligence. If you believe you developed cancer due to Belviq use, you have legal options available to you — and Shapiro Legal Group’s Belviq cancer lawsuit attorneys are here to help.

With over 20 years of mass tort litigation experience, we have the resources and experience you need to fight Belviq’s manufacturers in the courtroom. Contact us today to schedule your free consultation with a New Jersey Belviq attorney.