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Morcellators are devices used in minimally invasive or laparoscopic hysterectomy and myomectomy procedures. A hysterectomy is a surgery to remove the uterus and myomectomy is a procedure to remove uterine fibroids. A morcellator is inserted into a small incision and breaks up the uterine tissue or fibroids so that it can be suctioned out of the small hole without the need to make a larger incision. The use of morcellators became very popular because it was less invasive than traditional surgery, however, recent studies have shown that morcellation can spread serious cancers, including Leiomyosarcoma or LMS.

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Leiomyosarcoma (LMS)

Leiomyosarcoma (LMS) is an aggressive form of uterine that can be spread by surgeries involving morcellators. Leiomyosarcoma need to be removed leaving a wide margin of healthy tissue. Because morcellation dices the tissue into small pieces it is impossible to remove all of cancer and allows malignant cells to enter the bloodstream and abdominal cavity where it can spread.

FDA Issues Morcellator Warning

In November 2014, they issued a tougher warning against using laparoscopic power morcellators in hysterectomy and myomectomy to remove uterine fibroid tumors, saying surgeons should avoid them in the vast majority of women because of the risk of spreading occult cancerous tissue. The FDA said morcellators are contraindicated for removing uterine tissue with suspected fibroids in patients who are perimenopausal or postmenopausal or those who are candidates for removing tissue intact through the vagina or a minilaparotomy incision. The FDA also required the warning labels for power morcellators to a black box warning stating that the use of the devices may spread unsuspected cancer during fibroid surgery and can “decrease the long-term survival of patients”. The FDA is requiring surgeons to discuss the risk of cancer spreading through morcellation with patients considering the procedure.